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We are in the business of updating homes....so after 17 years it was time to update our website...the Internet home of AC Dwellings. Anders built our business working with clients and their homes - one house at a time...fast forward a few years and it was time for help...enter Terry into the business...fast forward a few more years and we realized that it is also time to make sure the name of our company is reflective of what we do..and that is our team approach to transform your happy place...by Anders & Terry.

I thought it would be fun to show the house we renovated...the little white house that put us on the map in the neighborhood we have called home for so many years. Follow more extreme makeovers to come...we have had fun doing them. No, we did not tear the house down...that little white house survived in entirety .... just got revamped in every possible way.


#before #after #extrememakeover #englishtudor #curbappeal #wowfactor #renovation

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