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Pinterest - Best Idea Board Ever!

Pinterest is a social network, and a tool that allows users to discover and share ideas in every imaginable way. With over 100 million active users, it's one of the fastest growing networks since the "invention" of the Internet. As an early adopter and beta user, I did experience their growing pains, glitches and outages, yet slowly became a more prolific user. More and more evenings were spent pinning, and less on watching TV or skimming through magazines. Before I finally came out as an active Pinterest addict, Anders would look at me with curiosity and wonder...."what could be so interesting and time consuming?"

The Pinterest network and site is working great these days, and as a designer, gardener, and lover of all things that enhance lifestyle, it is a fun and easy-to- use tool that I engage my clients in. Check out my boards for more ideas to enhance your fall season and holidays...but be careful ...are you prone to addiction?

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