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Beautiful Callaway Gardens

Many years ago - and I mean like 55 years ago, my family lived in Columbus, Georgia. I don't remember that we lived in Columbus 55 years ago - because we lived in a 100 cities...but I do remember a weekend jaunt to Callaway Gardens, which was only 30 minutes away from Columbus. Even as a 9-year old, these gardens left an indelible mark in my garden memory bank. My mother and I were just in awe of the gorgeous dogwood trees and azaleas. I don't know how large these gardens were so many decades the gardens and lakes sprawl across 2,500 acres. Anders and Kelley kept asking me what it was like so many years ago...and all I could remember was the amazing display of azaleas and dogwoods. Today this is a full-fledged and year-round resort. National Geographic claims it's the 5the best Christmas Light display in the world...with over 8 million lights throughout these fantasy gardens. Who cares about Christmas lights in March...we were here to see flowers!

This vista was our first stop...most of these azaleas are over 6' tall. It made me realize I need to add white azaleas to my azalea bank at Fox makes the pinks and corals pop! Amazed that we hit this garden exactly at peak bloom....just worked out that way...there was no planning involved!

In this image with Kelley and Katie, I see I'm wrong about the size of these azaleas - much taller than 6'!

These "king" daddies were everywhere....maybe 20' tall!

Every turn of the pathway presented different varieties and groupings of these stunners.

Of course masses of tulips and daffodils were also on full display....everywhere there wasn't an azalea.

These chartreuse colored Japanese Maples were scattered everywhere throughout the gardens adding this amazing color into the mix of the pinks, corals, reds and whites..they are HUGE - and they are everywhere!

I'm sure this Snowball bush isn't the tallest in the world...but until I see a taller one, it gets my vote as the KING!

If you ever get to Atlanta during the Spring around the end of March, Callaway Gardens is a short drive...and so worth the visit.

Spring has Sprung...enjoy this wonderful garden season, and the beauty that surrounds you.

Happy Gardening!

Anders & Terry

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