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Change is in the air

As we are in the midst of finishing up the last few AC Dwellings projects, we face a bittersweet change. We have both called Oklahoma City home for many years...and even though neither of us are from here, it has been the place we call home. The work we have done here in Oklahoma City has been beyond gratifying - in every way you could measure happiness. Anders started the business in 1998, and now 20 years later we drive through this city, and smile at the beautiful homes we have been fortunate and blessed to work in. Our family of dear friends here has kept us in Oklahoma City, even when the Blue Ridge Mountains were harkening us to move East. This is the bittersweet part, the gut-wrenching part...the leaving our friends part....

When you face such a big and life-changing event as shutting your business down and moving across country you make it cautiously and with a measured speed. That time has come...we are moving to Asheville, NC. We have a little place in the woods and find ourselves happiest when we are there. I have several acres to garden in....and Anders has a huge AGA, so we are both perfectly couldn't be any better...except for that part about the friends....nothing else to say. Come see us!

Lots of love and gratitude.


Anders & Terry's time to work in the garden - please read previous blogs on gardening....

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