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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Anders and I love everything about this time of the year....the cooler weather, putting on a sweater and a scarf, tasty food and treats. We really like egg nog, holiday decorating, Christmas music and every movie about Christmas that comes on matter how many times we have seen us suckers for the holidays.

We are lucky in that we celebrate the holidays here in America, and also fly away to Sweden to enjoy the traditions "over there" - this is primarily focused on food and our Swedish family. Something I always look forward to is walking into a Scandinavian flower shop. They force every kind of bulb you can imagine into the most beautiful flowers...hyacinths, narcissus, amaryllis - and in ways you have never seen before. The Christmas trolls and decorative items are so unique and not seen in the U.S. so it's a real treat to take it all in. It's hard for me to resist wanting everything in these shops...but then oh dear how to get them back home....

Anders is an amazing florist, and I'm a pretty gardener, so we love to combine these two skills and force plant paper white Narcissus and amaryllis bulbs and scatter them throughout our home in every container we can find. The temptation of rosemary in any form, but especially shaped into topiaries is also an irresistible favorite of ours. Scouting around for fresh greens and colorful pastel toned poinsettias, all add to the way we like to style our home for the holidays....a pretty tree with nature-inspired ornaments and lots of fresh and fragrant flowers along with the aromatics of evergreens and rosemary.

From our home to yours, we wish you a joyful season and hope you find some inspiration in these photos.

Amaryllis Potted up  - Swedish style

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