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Fall Gardening - Much to Do!

Fall is the best time, the only time to freshen up your garden and landscape for fall...but more importantly this is the time to do the work to make your yard shine next Spring. As a long-time gardener, I have learned through trial and tribulation that timing is everything....and that Mother Nature has her way with the head the signal of cooler weather and get going on these fun and gratifying chores.

  • Scalp and over seed your lawn with a blend of fescue and rye grass seed...water, wait a few weeks and your lawn will be dark green through the winter and early Spring.

  • Time to take out the scrappy summer annuals and plant violas, pansies and spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths .... wait until November to plant the bulbs.

  • The garden centers are brimming with fresh plant assess your garden plantings and remove plants that aren't performing for better varieties or just replace plants that didn't make it through the summer to maintain your garden design.

  • Swap out plantings in your garden containers to add a seasonal touch - mums, ornamental cabbage and kale along with pansies and violas will re-invent your containers with a fresh look for the season.

  • Don't overlook your front entry - this is your ground zero for seasonal decor...containers dressed up for fall, with mums and pumpkins will welcome your guests and Autumn.

  • Check out these garden containers and ideas to jazz up up your entry for the season from my Pinterest site....

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